• intro'd dh-elpa
  • talked about package.el
  • keep old emacsen-common infrastructure for now
  • second helper for creating packages
  • upgrades to dh-elpa
    • dependency handling
    • default if no elpa file
    • handling info


  • can upstream emacs help with byte compiling addons: maybe, if we write the code

  • replace use of /etc/emacs$(flavour)/site-start.d for elpa packages with patches that check flavour

  • updating policy for elpa-styles

  • streamline policy / helpers for old style packages

  • transitition plan? eventual complete elimination of /etc/emacs/site-start.d ?


  • discovered and fixed a bug in dh-elpa

  • talked through the structure of example

  • we noticed dash-el not being in elpa is problematic for users installing packages from elpa

  • on the other hand, depending on non-elpa packages from elpa pacages is possible, if not ideal